The Coolest Paver in History Is Coming! China’s Smartest Super-Large Paver RP1855!

Coolest in History

The King of Pavers, RP1855 Enters the Stage,

Attracting and Surprising Customers

We promised to show everyone XCMG’s real strength.

Now it’s even more enjoyable!

How many meters do you believe the hydraulic telescopic screed may reach?

14 m? 15mm? Not enough!


The maximum width may reach 18.5m!

Of course, super-large pavers must be equipped with super-long telescopic screeds!



This is not XCMG’s style!

I’ll Just Tell You

The productivity of this machine could reach 1500t/h!

In the meanwhile, asphalt with a thickness of 20-50mm and stabilized soil could be paved with extra thickness.

You already know how efficient this paver is!



How innovative at the screed end?

Be longer?

Then it is a Low-End Game

New XCMG “Composite Box Type” Screed

Designed with Constant Vibration Intensity Optimization and Structural Rigidity Intensifying

Good Overall Stability

Strong Ability of Releasing and Twisting

Higher Paving Smoothness and Compactness

Offering to you an “evenness” to the end!



The newly upgraded RP1855 have a more comfortable and user-friendly design!

New Smart dashboard

Functions divided by areas

Touch Keys and HD Display Screen

More convenient for the operator!



Optional Telescopic Ironing Device

Comply with the Requirement of the Width Variation in the Construction Process

Reduce Times of Disassembly

Effectively improve the convenience!



Why is it called China’s “smartest” paver?

Because It Uses a New Generation of the Smart Electrical Control System

It has one-button operation, ECO button, smart operation and other modes.

In the Meanwhile, Equipped with GPS and Remote Diagnosis and Troubleshooting System

Provide Expert Service and Technical Support in a Timely Manner

The customers feel more relieved!


Come on, look, this is the extreme application!

“3 in 1” Strong Composite Radiator

Even If You Are in a Special Environment Like Desert

You may also work continuously for a long time!


Not just that, the rotating seats.

550mm Telescopic Ceiling

Large Opening Hood

Meet Different Customer Needs



Yes! Everything gives you a new feeling!

Very thoughtful and considerate?

The Space Is Too Limited to Write All the Advantages of RP1855.

But I know you have been shocked by its power.

I know you can’t wait to ride on it!

Come on!

China’s Smartest Super-Large Paver RP1855